Highland Pharms CBD Vape Oils


This 100% Vegetable Glycerin base CBD Vape Oil is infused with our Ultra Rich CBD Hemp Extract and a wonderful ALL-NATURAL Flavoring! Not a fake sweetener flavor found in many other brands. Try some Highland Pharms CBD Vape Oil Today!


Product Description

The Highland Pharms CBD Vape Oils are often described as being one of the Richest, yet smoothest CBD vape juices available. Highland Pharms Hemp Plus Vape Oil is made with the same great Hemp Extract used in all of the Highland Pharms products. This ejuice/vaporizer oil DOES NOT include any Propylene Glycol (PG) or Polyethelene Glycol. They use ONLY all natural Vegetable Glycerin (VG). So their vape oil is 100% Pure and Natural!

We are also EXTREMELY PROUD to share that this CBD e-juice oil is made with hemp extract from Ultra-High Grade Hemp grown at a Boutique Hemp Farm in Colorado. Many other brands use hemp oil extract from Industrial Grade Hemp that is grown and processed overseas. Ours is 100% Organically-Grown!

Each 10ml bottle has 165mg of CBD, and each 30ml bottle has 495mg of CBD! But, there’s even more than that. Our products are made with our Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Extract which means, in addition to cannabidiol (CBD), you’re getting CBC, CBCA, CBG, CBGA, CBDA and with only the trace amount, if any, THC so there is no psychoactive effect, or ‘high’.

Our Hemp Plus (CBD) Vape Oil for sale is Legal in All 50 States!


This is a 100% VG base infused with our Ultra Rich CBD Hemp Extract and a wonderful ALL-NATURAL Flavoring! Its not a fake sweetener flavor. Our customers find this to be the best CBD vape oil for sale on the internet available for fast shipping direct to your door!

Vegetable Glycerin, CBD Rich Hemp Oil, Natural Terpenes, Organic PS80

Fill desired CBD Vaporizer tank, and follow directions of that vaporizer. Enjoy!