CBDRx CBD First Aid Spray For Pets


CBDRx CBD First Aid Spray is an easy to use product that utilizes the highest quality medicinal herbs and hemp roots. The Spray is made with potent botanicals that have been crafted with each ingredient’s healing properties kept in mind. 75mg CBD. 22.5mg CBDa.

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Product Description

Introducing the CBDRx CBD First Aid Spray for pets (and people, too).

This easy to use product utilizes only the highest quality medicinal herbs. The holistic nature with this combination of powerful ingredients have carefully crafted, with each ingredient’s healing properties kept in mind, and is designed to stimulate deep tissue healing and rejuvenate circulation.

The special combining of these herbs in this CBD first aid spray demonstrates a powerful entourage effect. The spray is great for dogs, cats, horses, AND MORE!

RxCBD’s products are based on years of data collection, adherence to strict quality control practices, and sustainable business practices. They consult with veterinarians and laboratories to ensure everything offered is safe and healthy for each and every customer.

The hemp used for this product is sourced solely from Colorado farms grown organically, without pesticides or inorganic fertilizers.

Hemp Root, Comfrey Root, Bay, Burdock Root, Sage, Lavender, Hyssop, Feverfew, Lobelia, Marjoram, Myrrh, Mints, Soy & Olive Oils, Fresh Water, Beeswax & CBD

Suggested uses of RxCBD First Aid Spray: Eases aches, pains, swelling, irritated skin, hot spots, bites, stops the itch, slows bleeding, and eases conjunctivitis.